In People, we work to make sure that every new person joining our team enjoys the best experience possible even before starting to work with us as well as during all their professional trajectory in the company. We select, train and take care of the talent that makes Bit2Me possible and we help our culture keep living while the company continues its growth. We put our focus on the people and work every day so that our team can grow professionally as Bit2Me does so as a company.

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Bit2Me is growing quickly and we will keep opening new positions in the following months. Below, you will find our People openings. If your profile is related to human resources or labor relations and you want to work in Bit2Me, but cannot find a fitting offer for you right now, we will be glad to have your CV sent to us in the “Cold resumé – People” job offer.

This is Bit2Me

Our People Team thinks that:

In Bit2Me, I’m having the opportunity to work focusing on people, experimenting and implementing new methods to constantly give value to the talent in this company. But the best without a doubt is the company’s culture, in which people come first, and that brings a great working atmosphere.

Pablo Moya, HR Manager