Bit2Me is a unique company with unique customers, so it is only natural that the image representing Bit2Me should also be unmistakable. Hence, in Marketing & Sales we make the effort to create communications and bring all the advantages we have to offer in everyday life closer to anyone interested in cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to our work and dedication put in every Bit2Me product, many more people know us, get closer to the values we stand up for and can join the company from a place of trust. All of that with a fresh and committed image dedicatedly and carefully built by design and illustration.

What are you waiting for?

We want to meet you

Bit2Me is growing quickly and we will keep opening new positions in the following months. Below, you will find our marketing and sales openings. If your profile is related to marketing, design, illustration or sales and you want to work in Bit2Me, but cannot find a fitting offer for you right now, we will be glad to have your CV sent to us in the “Cold resumé – Marketing&Sales” job offer.

This is Bit2Me

Our Marketing&Sales thinks that:

Working in Bit2Me means moving among challenges every day. Thanks to that, your professional profile keeps growing exponentially. And you will definitely find support in the great professionals working here to do so.

Alejandra Alegre, User Acquisition Manager