Engineering is made up of the people who make the mission of this company possible: introduce cryptocurrency to society. We create and develop unique technological solutions, into which we put our best efforts so that they are the most helpful and user-friendly for our customers. We never stop learning or innovating every day.

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Bit2Me is growing quickly and we will keep opening new positions in the following months. Below, you will find our engineering openings. If your profile is related to back end, front end, web design or user experience and you want to work in Bit2Me, but cannot find a fitting offer for you right now, we will be glad to have your CV sent to us in the “Cold resumé – Engineering” job offer.

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Our Engineering Team thinks that:

Here I found something that I haven’t seen in many places: the will to improve continuously, which makes us engineers really enjoy our work. When you put people with great ideas and enthusiastic people together, you get companies like Bit2Me. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this.

Jose Segura, Frontend Lead