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Our culture

Passionate about what we do

Build things. Achieve great results. Learn from failures. Grow fast. Be proud. Never stop.

Future creators

Believe in power of people. Cross-check your opinions. Create something big together.

Technology Lovers

Understand reality. Use logic. Dig to root cause. Design solution. Execute. Repeat.

Benefits & Perks

Come work where sentences start with “What if…?”

 Public Holidays

We provide a generous Holiday schedule for our employees resulting in many 3-day weekends, so that you can celebrate with friends and family.


We offer generous time off including sick time. Keep your germs at home when you’re sick and when you need a break, get out there to have some fun and take the time you need to recharge.

Common goal

Share an idea and watch it grow. Every new product, service, or feature we invent is the result of people working together to make each other’s ideas stronger.

Better world

We are committed to leaving the world better than we found it. Bit2Me is open. We believe humanity is plural, not singular. The best way the world works is everybody in. Nobody out.

Learn from the bests

We bring together restless minds generating deep knowledge of the most innovative technology. Bit2Me is made up of experts with years of experience in the sector and you can rely on this knowledge.

Other advantages

… and much more

What others think

We are Bit2Me

I have been working on Bit2Me since its inception in 2014. I love it and I feel part of the company because we have grown together. I don’t remember any day that I went to bed without learning something new in the company.

Salvia Rut Santos, UI / UX Lead Designer

I arrived in the company as practices of my studies, they helped me a lot to adapt to the work and the tools. After my internship I was hired and learning a lot while my work is reflected in everyday life is very rewarding.

Cesar Villullas, Frontend developer

I love my colleagues and the office environment. It is a sector that had never worked and I never imagined that it would work, but the truth is that every day I like to be part of a revolutionary change of humanity.

Guillermo Siles, Frontend developer