Know us

Our Culture

We are passionate about what we do

We work to make the world a better place, we believe in our work and we aim to get excellent results in all of our projects

People are the center

We believe in people, we are proud of our team and do everything in our hands to take care of it.

Innovation and growth

We look at our environment in search of breaking solutions, we innovate in all of our areas and learn from our mistakes. We are proud of every step our team makes forward.

Social Benefits

Come work in a company where you will find…

Health insurance

We care about the health and well-being of the people working with us. That’s why Bit2Me pays a private health insurance plan for every member of the team, so that you can use private health services without any further cost for you.

Continuous learning

We love curious people who love learning. That’s why in Bit2Me you’ll have hours credited to attend workshops and conferences, as well as corporative learning resources.


We all need to switch off from work. We have upgraded the holidays and leaves set by our collective bargaining agreement, so that you have more flexibility to decide when and how you enjoy your days off.


The balance between the personal and professional time of our team is very important for us in Bit2Me. We work flexible hours, intensive working days in summer and we also have an hour bank, so that you can use your time as you need.

Future projects

We are a constant growing company. You can learn about the crypto world with the leader company in Spain and if you are looking for exciting challenges and the opportunity to grow, here you can find them.


… and much more.